In the spring of 2011, Taylor Livestock along with Border Boers purchased the entire herd of Lambert Show Goats “900 BLOODLINE”.

This set of goats has made a name for themselves in the show ring as well as in other goat breeders breeding programs.

We are planning on keeping the Lambert “900 BLOODLINE” herd in tact, but we will be doing some out crossing with the Lambert bucks on our does and flushing a few of the select Lambert does to some of our champion producing bucks. Watch for these kids in future show seasons.

The Duke 2009

Sire: Yellow Jacket
Dam: O70 (900 BUCK / Sumo Doe)


Slick and Caleb 2008

Sire: Curly (Double Bred 900)
Dam: V91 (* Buck 61 / Sumo Doe) *full brother to Freight Train

Sire: Curly (Double Bred 900)
Dam: Sumo Doe

Streak 2010

Sire: Caleb (Curly Buck / Sumo Doe)
Dam: Kelly Doe K 675


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